Rain, Rain

Unusual for Southern California, but not totally unexpected in October, it’s drizzling today. Cloud cover when I woke up, cloud cover went I went out, and cloud cover when I got home, with a constant mist of tiny droplets falling from the sky, slowly soaking through my clothes as I walked around with no umbrella.

Thankfully, it wasn’t coming down hard enough to soak through my canvas bag and get into my textbooks. Even if it had been, I don’t think I would have been more than a little annoyed, because it’s just so nice out when it’s raining!

The air smells clean and damp, but it’s not hard to breathe like it is when it’s hot and humid (which almost never happens here), and the clouds hide the sun so it can’t hurt my eyes by making everything too bright. It’s cool out, but not cold yet, so it’s nice weather to go walking in (a good thing, since walking is my primary mode of transportation).

The only problem I can see is that Mr. Chicken didn’t crow really loudly this morning, probably because he was hiding under something to get out of the rain.